Initial Meeting with the Growth Planning Committee

On Tuesday, September 17, 2019 community planning consultants Tom and Liz met with the Growth Planning Committee (GPC) to kick off the Comprehensive Plan update process. We discussed the project timeline, the GPC’s goals and objectives for the Plan, and reviewed our next steps.

Schedule: If you visit the schedule page, you’ll find a chart that summarizes the overall schedule for the project.

Public Engagement: Engaging the community is another core objective of the Comprehensive Plan update process. Over the next 14 months we will host educational events on comprehensive plans, climate change challenges and resiliency, participate in community events like Christmas Prelude to ask for your input; host visioning and planning workshops; attend regular GPC meetings; respond to your inquires and comments; and keep this website updated with meeting information, blog posts, events, and resources. Community input is a critical part of updating the Comp Plan so please get involved!

A user-friendly resource: Another project objective is to create a graphic-rich summary document that distills some of the key findings and information in the Comprehensive Plan in a reader-friendly format. This ‘companion piece’ will be intended for all stakeholders and available online and in print.

Hot topics: We also want to work with the GPC, staff, and public to gain a strong understanding of the land use-related issues, challenges, and hot topics the community wants to address during this Comprehensive Plan update process. The image to the right shows some of the preliminary input we received from the GPC.

Next steps: Here’s a snapshot of next steps for 2019:

• Develop a website and branding material.
• Prepare a baseline report that summarizes existing data and trends, recent studies, and current issues across a range of planning areas.
• Plan and host fall and early winter outreach events.

Visit the events section of this website to learn more about outreach events and how to get involved!

Cheers, Liz